Building your B2B sales funnel

A sales funnel is a term used in sales and marketing that outlines the journey that leads and potential customers go through on the way to becoming a customer. Companies whose sales and marketing teams build a funnel accomplish several …

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We’re hiring for 4 positions

We have four immediate openings for an energetic and experienced people who are passionate about excellence and like to have fun at work:

  • Market Director – Greater Tampa Area
  • Website and graphic designer
  • Art Director
  • Marketing Assistant
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Data Breach Communication Playbook

Are you ready for the fastest-growing business crime in the Upper Peninsula – and the world?

Creating a crisis communications playbook for cyberattacks

You’ve been hacked and now it’s going public.
Are you prepared for this?
What’s your response plan?…

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Rethinking what your small business measures first.

I hope that by the time you finish reading this post, you are convinced to make measuring brand performance your first and most important business measure. Of course financial statements and sales performance …

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Strong Culture Leads to Stronger Sales

Although awareness of corporate culture has been around for decades, it has only become a common point of discussion in the past few years. To some extent, the phrase has become another new bit of business jargon and lost its …

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Marketing Department, Inc. is considered an essential business and will remain open to handle critical and crisis-communication for hospitals, municipalities and businesses who are providing critical infrastructure and essential services on the front lines of the COVID19 pandemic.
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