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New Director of Development & Marketing

MDI is thrilled to announce the appointment of Elaine Taylor as Director of Development and Marketing. Her addition will bolster business growth for the firm’s automotive, aerospace and defense clients.

Aerospace & Defense Networking

As more companies consider expanding or pivoting their work to include aerospace & defense, relationship-building and making face-to-face connections has never been more important. So with some help from our friends, we’ve compiled the A-List of must-attend conferences and trade-shows for the A&D industry in 2024. 

Win More Aerospace Business

Growing aerospace business requires more than an AS9100. From inside sales to industry engagement, learn about six relationship building strategies that will ensure you’re in front of the right customers. 

High-Performance Manufacturing Cultures

It’s easy to think of ‘company culture’ as a side dish, a fringe issue for HR to address with employee recognitions, company picnics and annual holiday parties. But the impact of culture goes much deeper than that—all the way to your company’s bottom line, in fact.

Successful Community Marketing

Our firm researched over 100 of America’s most successful small downtowns looking for the common denominators of successful marketing and placemaking strategies. Here is what we learned.

Hiring a Marketing Firm

Agencies are not one-size-fits-all so it’s important to recognize reputable firms in seconds. There are several things you should know before you engage with an agency. After all, the team that you hire will be responsible for your brand and your budget.

Positioning - The Winning Zone

Ensure the market understands exactly what you do better than anyone. Understand what it takes to win the right new business. We are hoping to allow you opportunity to understand how do the best consultants, leaders and marketers get there.

Research Drives Strategy

Brands who use data to drive marketing have stronger ROI’s, better results and better long-term outcomes. With so many easy-to-use tools on the market, like SurveyMonkey, Google, SpyFu, GrowthBar and Qualtrics, companies can collect their own data. But where to start? What is the right form of research to answer your specific questions? What do you with the data?

Building an In-house Marketing Team

Your brand is everything and your most valuable asset. But your small business doesn’t have to break the bank to manage your marketing every year to grow sales. This Is not a sales pitch but a guide to help you ask smart questions before engaging with a firm.