Social Media Content Calendar Template

FREE Social Media Content Calendar and 4 Steps to Populate It


To keep our social media efforts organized by month, we use this simple content calendar template. We find it greatly simplifies our social media strategies and helps us schedule posts in advance so we aren’t spending all our time online. Download the free Social Media Content Calendar Spreadsheet and give it a try. It’s very simple to use:

  1. Across the top columns, type important date-specific themes for the month. Examples might be holidays, important events, sales and specials.
  2. Fill in the rest of the days with other important themes, like customer highlights, product features, did-you-know facts, surveys, Meet an Employee, etc.
  3. Because you can’t predict an opportune moment, leave blank spaces for spontaneous events like news, announcements, new employees, new customers, customer testimonials, fun at work, etc.
  4. The rows along the left side signify the different social media platforms you use. Populate each column with themed copy to post to that platform. The file location of all associated images and supporting documents can be placed in the “resources” row. Don’t forget to include appropriate hashtags and @ signs.

A few other things to consider: Your voice for each platform might need to be adjusted for the audience. And don’t worry that you need to use all platforms. Here at MDI we tell our clients that it’s better to do a great job on one platform (the most appropriate one for your company) than try to do them all.

Example of a social media content calendar