Recharging a Logo with Iverson Snowshoes

IversonwebIverson Snowshoes has been making beautiful hand-made snowshoes in the U.P. since 1954. With the touch of an artist, every snowshoe they create is made with care from traditional, renewable and locally sourced materials. Although the quality of the product has never faltered through the years, some aspects of the branding were neglected. Now under new ownership Iverson approached us to help recharge their logo.

With such a classic brand, we didn’t want to completely redesign the Iverson logo, but we did want to clean it up and create usable formats to help keep their branding consistent. The only versions of the old logo file that Iverson had were very low-quality JPEG images.

ivpixle logo
As you can see in the images above, the old logo was so pixelated, it was not high enough quality for print or web use. If Iverson wanted to print T-shirts or stickers, or just have a clean, sharp version of the logo for their new website, they needed some help.


Iverson brands their wood products with an actual hot branding iron that burns the logo into the wood. The brands are fairly expensive — it made sense for us to not stray too far from the art on the existing logo, so they wouldn’t have to invest in new branding irons.

IV drawing

With nothing other than the low-resolution JPEG to use, I started by hand-drawing the snowshoe part of the logo. When the logo is branded into wood it will always have cool and unique distortions to its edges. Hand-drawing the art on a large scale and then reducing it down gives a cool “distressed” look that matches the look of something that has been branded.


I scanned in the new drawings and created a clean vector-based version of the logo, an important step in logo creation. Vector-based art can be scaled from the size of a business card to a huge billboard and it will not distort or pixelate.

ivfirst go

I played around with a few different versions of the snowshoe logo and bounced them off the client. In the end, the design closest to the original felt best to all of us.

ivfont redo

We were just about to call this part of the project complete when our designer, Bob, who owns a pair of Iverson Snowshoes, noticed that the text branded into his snowshoes was a different font than the logo we were given from the old Iverson website.


Luckily Bob is a font master. With thousands of different typefaces available, he was able to recognize and find the font used on the Iverson branding irons. It was back to the drawing board (literally) to focus on the minute details of kerning and balancing each letter into a final logo.

ivvector example

The final version of the recharged Iverson logo is really a restoration of sorts. It stays close to the classic logo but is now in a clean vector format, ready for any usage Iverson might have for it.

iverson new logo

Learn more about Iverson’s beautiful outdoor products at

– Taj, Creative Director at Upper Peninsula Marketing Department.