1. Research

Research instills confidence and provides direction that leads to great marketing AND great results. The Marketing Department has experience in small research methods that include:

  • Surveys
  • Competitive analysis
  • Web data research
  • Focus groups
  • S.W.O.T.
  • Field research
  • Meetings


2. Target

We target your priorities and define your audience. This allows us to develop a communication platform for your customers’ experiences. In some cases it might mean recharging a brand, and in other cases it might mean improving services. Every client is unique – every solution is different.


3. Position

We aim to make each client exceptional. Through our process we find your competitive advantage and use your personality and goals to develop a communication platform. This is where company descriptions and taglines are born.

4. Plan

Once we understand your entire situation — including your budget — we plan. We work with you on smart strategies that will help you succeed. We plan everything, from the approach and methods to launching and measuring.


5. Create

This is usually where our clients start having the most fun and (we confess) we do too. We take everything we’ve learned about you and start developing the look and feel. We present you with several concepts and work with them to refine designs and ideas.


6. Expand

Here is where we build on the brands and expand ideas into media, including advertising, websites and public relations programs. This is done with lots of creativity and consistency.


7. Launch

Now it’s time to lift off! We schedule media, websites go live, press releases are distributed, blogs and social media are updated, and trade shows begin.


8. Measure

There is no silver bullet or scientific formula for marketing, so we help you monitor sales, leads, failures and successes. We measure as much as we can and make strategy changes at the drop of a hat when needed.


Marketing Department, Inc. is considered an essential business and will remain open to handle critical and crisis-communication for hospitals, municipalities and businesses who are providing critical infrastructure and essential services on the front lines of the COVID19 pandemic.
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