Sales presentations, summer and digital strategy

Longyear expanding portfolio beyond forestry

One of our favorite clients, JM Longyear, is a 145-year-old entrepreneurial Michigan-based asset manager with a portfolio of companies that historically was in the forestry and environmental industries. But the leadership and shareholders understood that diversifying their portfolio would provide new opportunities while strengthening Michigan’s economy and creating jobs in the Upper Peninsula.

Through much collaboration with the leadership team, we created a message platform that focused on their investment in people, the environment, and their home state in Michigan.

Northern Hardwoods’ new sales presentation lets the wood sell itself

Did you know the world’s whitest maple is grown here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? The wood grown and produced here sell themselves. So, we worked with the Northern Hardwoods sales team to create a sample and brand presentation that tells the brand’s story and highlights wood samples.

This sales presentation highlights their wood types, including the Northern Hardwoods’ Ultra-White Hard Maple. Each sample is paired with information and project examples, allowing the customer to decide which type is best for them. Thanks to Ryan Peterson and Cody Meier for working with us to pull this through.

After two months of working from home and daily Zoom meetings, we are all happy to be together again at the office.

  • “Achieving CudighiVana. The perfect balance of sausage, hot peppers, onions, and mustard.” -Daveo
  • “Camping in remote areas near lakes and rivers.” -Sean
  • “Playing bass drum as a member of Marty’s Goldenaires, a drum and bugle corps from Bessemer, Michigan.” -David
  • “Sunshine, beaches, paddles, and strawberry shortcake.” -Karyn
  • “Lake Superior. Even when I have to fight off hoards of black flies.” -Morgan
  • “My annual return to the U.P. Nothing renews the spirit like coming home, especially when home is one of the last untouched reserves of nature and simplicity.” -Aaron
  • “Swimming in Lake Superior when the waves are big and the water is warm. Yes, Lake Superior gets warm!” -Bob
  • “Boating, beach, and sunsets.” -Kim

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