Upper Peninsula Health Plan

Opportunity: Upper Peninsula Health Plan provides critical health planning services to thousands of U.P. residents, while offering technical support to the healthcare systems in our communities. Their new marketing team realized that, although UPHP serves more than 100,000 people annually, their members, partners and communities don’t always understand who they are. In addition, they sought to increase sales of a specific product - Medicare Advantage.


While conducting secondary research to better understand their industry and find effective trends, we also contacted more than 500 U.P. residents to learn their perceptions, ideas and processes regarding healthcare. We learned a lot and put that data to work as we jumped into the creative process.


New Logo and Identity

Entering logo development, we reflected on research to develop a core objective: UPHP needs to “look and feel national” because U.P. residents place a lot of confidence in those competing brands. Yet we had to remain trusted and local, being careful to not blend into the other hundred U.P. companies with geographic brand marks. We started with a few logos that met our initial objectives, but still didn’t feel right. After several concepts, the client offered the idea of putting the U.P. shape inside a flag - this turned out to be a great solution!


Medicare Advantage Campaign

After we tackled the new logo and identity, we created an ad campaign to promote UPHP’s new product targeted to seniors on Medicare to help them access additional healthcare coverage. Out marketing mix included billboard, print, digital, events and direct mail.




The launch of new branding and a strategic advertising campaign led to a 165% increase in enrollments. We helped UPHP grow business!