Opportunity: UPPCO is a leading electric supplier to most Upper Peninsula residents and businesses. It’s one of the nation’s most reliable power companies, is very generous to the communities it serves, and continually fosters environmental programs that save consumers money. Furthermore, they have a commitment to continuously grow their local power generation services. Yet, consumers only knew UPPCO as the utility with the highest rates in the country.


It was our goal to change how the media and customers perceive the value of UPPCO in their communities.


Our team created a media and public relations plan with clear messaging that educates the public on how power is generated, and explains the reasons behind high power costs.



The writing, design, and web teams worked together to create a robust and accessible website that’s packed with valuable information in a user-friendly format. The site was successfully launched during the summer of 2019.


Internal and external perceptions of UPPCO are beginning to shift. Very quickly after the UPPCO website went live, employees were feeling more proud of their jobs. Equally important, both customers and the media started to express more confidence in the UPPCO brand.