Temp Gigs

Opportunity: TempGigs, an Upper Peninsula technology start-up, offers a software solution that’s a game-changer for the day labor industry. Knowing they needed to be strategic about their launch, they approached Marketing Department, Inc. to brand their software and develop a go-to-market strategy.


First, our research team learned about the day labor industry and how this software adds value. From there we had the challenge of creating a brand that appeals to three separate audiences: the day labor agencies, the employers, and the job seekers.

We started by developing a value proposition for each audience.



We created a compelling and seamless brand and delivered a website, trade show booth, and sales strategy.


While we can’t give away our secret sauce quite yet, we can tell you that this company will likely change the day labor industry forever. They will enter the market Q1 2020 and project that they will be in 50 states by mid-2021. Stay posted on this exciting client.