Marquette Food Co-op

Opportunity: In 2014, Marquette Food Co-op expanded, moving from a small corner store location in an old building to a modern building 10 times the size, in the heart of downtown Marquette. The Board and Management wanted to transform the entire shopping experience.


In contemplating a meaningful campaign theme, Marketing Department Inc. engaged in employee listening sessions and used a recent membership survey to discover what excited people most about the new store offerings and location.



The Campaign Message

As we collected and summarized the research, the campaign message platform became very obvious. Simply put — management, employees, members and the community love their new co-op so much, and the idea of “MORE CO-OP” is at the heart of their excitement.

Integrated Advertising Approach

We engaged the membership and featured them in the campaign with a mixed-media approach of TV, radio, print, social media, PR and in-store promotion.



The Marquette Co-op exceeded their grand opening and year-one sales and increased membership exceeding all projections