JM Longyear

Opportunity:  JM Longyear is a 145-year-old entrepreneurial Michigan-based asset manager with a small portfolio of companies. Their portfolio is historically in the forestry and environmental industries, but the leadership and shareholders understood that diversifying their markets would provide new opportunities for the company while strengthening Michigan’s economy and creating jobs in the Upper Peninsula.


Through much collaboration with the leadership team, we created a message platform that focused on their investment in people, the environment, and their home state of Michigan.



Our team worked closely with company leaders to create a corporate brand that leverages their rich legacy of forestry and entrepreneurism with a minimalistic, classic and clean look.

Results:  We strengthened and diversified JM Longyear’s brand. Longyear was already a well-respected company throughout the Upper Peninsula and with state government. But now their brand perception is shifting from “forestry” to “asset manager.”