Embers Credit Union

Opportunity: In Q4 2018, three branches of Upper Peninsula Catholic Credit Union were rebranded as Embers Credit Union to reflect the broader field of membership that had expanded beyond church members. They hired our team to create marketing materials, extend their brand to all their branches, and write a marketing plan to keep their new brand visible and reach their new target audience of millennials.


When any existing business changes their name and brand, it requires a lot of work, attention to detail, and very deliberate communication. We knew we needed to work fast to maintain customer trust while thinking long-term.



While the long-term marketing plan was being written, we jumped in and produced marketing materials, signage, press releases, TV ads, radio ads, website updates, and customer communications. Embers kept our seasoned design and writing staff busy!


Today Embers is the U.P.’s leading credit union with more locations and employees than any other credit union across the region.