Houghton Downtown – History in the Making

Opportunity: The City of Houghton received a grant to have a marketing plan written.

Consumer Research

We started with research and surveys. 1500 community members responded to surveys with their perceptions and ideas for downtown.



Ideas for improving downtown were born, including business attraction priorities, attraction strategies and sign programs.

Brand Strategy & Logo Design

From consumer research we learned that the community believes Downtown Houghton has significant history, but they challenged us with the fact that they didn't necessarily feel it was important or unique. We created brand concepts and tested them. As a result, a great brand was born and the positioning statement "History in the Making" was created.



Opportunity: The City of Houghton and Marketing Department, Inc., have worked on a number of projects together, from marketing plans to census messaging campaigns. When the opportunity arrived to build a more attractive and functional website, we knew we could deliver.

Strategy: As usual, we started with strategy. We held a series of meetings with city staff to understand the goals and needs of a new website. As a governmental organization, functionality was critical. We also had to balance communication to city residents and visitors alike.

Projects: Working together as a team, we created an information rich and visually stunning website that stands as a destination for residents and tourists alike.

Results: Website traffic continues to steadily grow. City staff have an effective and efficient way to communicate important messages and services to the community.



Downtown Houghton has its own identity and is Keweenaw’s vibrant hub for events and culture.