Calumet Electronics Corporation

When we met Calumet Electronics nearly eight years ago, they were an unrecognized brand in the printed circuit board industry. At that time, they had 135 employees and urge to grow. They hired our team to develop growth strategies that will increase revenues and attract great people.  

Research & Strategy

After a period of research to understand the industry, the company culture and their competitive advantages, we rebranded the company and helped them build a national sales strategy.


Branding & Positioning

Research gave us the direction we needed to validate a new market and position them to attract business from the defense and aerospace sectors. Along the way we learned that the industry was cluttered and dry – no one competitor or leaders stood out. So, we went to work and developed a message platform and new brand that promoted their competitive differences; commitment to American manufacturing and community, focus on engineering quality and continuous capital investment.


100% increase in sales & 200 jobs

Today Calumet Electronics is a clear leader in their industry and rapidly becoming a preferred supply chain vendor in aerospace and technology. They have doubled revenue and now employ over 300 people. With a smart government relations strategy, Calumet Electronics is also being recognized by the Trump Administration as a leader in their industry.