ABLE Medical Devices


Able Medical Devices is a start-up backed by JM Longyear Company. Longyear asked us to work with their engineers to create a brand for their new medical device supplier.


Because we have experience in the medical device industry, understand the supply chain, and are experts in B2B marketing, we had a good jump-start. But we still needed to understand how this company could create value in a commodity-driven market.

Through several branding and supply chain exercises, our team defined Able Medical Device’s brand and created messaging around the phrase “For a Lifetime,” that would communicate the value and durability of the new Able Medical Devices brand.



With our new messaging as an anchor, we created a website, sales materials, and a fresh plant environment, and helped launch them into market.


Able Medical Devices is growing fast! When we first met, they had two employees and weren’t yet operating. With hard work and tenacity, they achieved a critical medical device accreditation and within a year hired 20 employees. They’re now working on expanding their manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of their customers.