JM Longyear

Opportunity:  JM Longyear is a 145-year-old entrepreneurial Michigan-based asset manager with a small portfolio of companies. Their portfolio is historically in the forestry and environmental industries, but the leadership and shareholders understood that diversifying their markets would provide new

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Opportunity:  MiWorks Upward Talent Council is the leading talent agency in the Upper Peninsula region. The organization is 100% publicly funded and provides free services to employers and job seekers.


Over the past few years, regional employers started to

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Calumet Electronics

Opportunity:  When we met Calumet Electronics nearly eight years ago, they were an unrecognized brand in the printed circuit board industry. At that time, they had 135 employees and a strong desire to grow. They hired our team to develop

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Upper Peninsula Health Plan

Opportunity: Upper Peninsula Health Plan provides critical health planning services to thousands of U.P. residents, while offering technical support to the healthcare systems in our communities. Their new marketing team realized that, although UPHP serves more than 100,000 people annually,

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Michigan Technological University

Inside the MUB on the Michigan Tech campus is a food court frequented by students and faculty. Although it’s popular, students had begun to complain that the prices of the menu items exceed their value.



Because the university

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Marquette Food Co-op

Opportunity: In 2014, Marquette Food Co-op expanded, moving from a small corner store location in an old building to a modern building 10 times the size, in the heart of downtown Marquette. The Board and Management wanted to transform the

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