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B2B Roundatable

For executives, marketing and sales pros!

The B2B Roundtable provides a confidential place where B2B marketers and salespeople, can learn and share opportunities and challenges to make smarter and more strategic decisions.

Depending on demand, the frequency of this roundtable may increase.


A virtual gathering place for sales and marketing people who work in small and medium-sized businesses.


2024 Dates. Time is noon – 1:00 EST

  • June 27
  • August 29
  • November 14




  1. Review of rules
  2. Quick introductions 1-2 minutes (name, company and quick description)
  3. Topic: Common challenge, opportunity, tip
  4. Roundtable: Your opportunity to ask questions or talk about challenges so we can brainstorm answers for you.

3 Rules:

  1. The privacy of this group is important. You will agree at the beginning of the meeting that the people and content will remain confidential.
  2. Absolutely no selling.
  3. Everyone is expected to participate and share.

Please join us! The privacy and size of this group is important. Seats are limited to 20-30 people


Please email to join us on our next sessions. He will send you a meeting invite and link.