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We understand the unique nature of B2B.

Performance, safety and reliability matters most.

B2B markets are cluttered.
Supply chains can be complex.
Competition all the looks the same.

We know that selling to OEMs and CMs is vastly different than selling to consumers and end users. RFQ’s and S.A.M. are important, but they aren’t sales tools. We understand these nuances.

We can help you:

  • position your company to win business with smart messaging
  • energize your brand and set you apart from the competition
  • develop a robust marketing plan

Our marketing plans:

  • help business development teams navigate multiple decision-makers
  • infuse sales and marketing into one plan
  • identify specific supply chain opportunities
  • promote sales processes to capitalize on your current relationships and discover new ones
  • energize your culture to improve bottom-line efficiencies and attract high-quality candidates
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Our Clients Manufacture & Engineer for:




Medical device


CNC machining

Forest products

We understand your business.

The DoD employs over 30,000 acquisition staff who make 4,250,000+ transactions a year, equaling $432,810,000,000 in contract awards.

Aerospace is one of America’s fastest growing industries – space is getting closer and changes are happening every day.

Meanwhile, on the ground, EV is changing supply chains and demanding new requirements of suppliers.

Let us help you win!

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