3 Questions for Your 2017 Marketing Plan

It’s time to take an honest look at where your business is headed.

Are you REALLY dedicating enough time and budget to digital content and social media?
Let’s face it: the Internet is a place where almost all of your customers hang out. Yet, many U.P. companies do not dedicate nearly enough resources for content development, social media, and digital advertising. National trends reveal that 25% of marketing budgets are dedicated to social media alone. This doesn’t include digital advertising costs.

Do you REALLY have a strategic marketing plan or is it tactical?
If your plan says things like “update the website”, “create new brochures” or “start a newsletter”— your marketing plan will probably not generate growth. You need to maintain these activities for your business to survive. If you’re looking for growth, your marketing plan would include specific goals, like this:

  • Grow sales by $250,000 with the new Acme product aimed at Gen Y-ers, by attracting market share from A&P and Roadrunner Inc.
  • Develop new product lines for the dynamite division that will appeal to catalog distributors.
  • Cross-promote Acme and Wilde product lines to introduce them to the next generation of users.
  • Develop a distribution partnership with Looney Tunes Inc.

Do you REALLY have the right talent on your marketing team? 
Many types of talent and thinking are important to fulfill marketing plans. Skilled writers, designers, web developers, strategists, and sales people are just a few. Not all of these people have to work in your company. You can outsource bits and pieces, as long as everyone is on the same page with overall strategies and objectives. We strongly recommend that you inventory your talent needs and strive to have the “best of the best” on your team!